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Data Science Conference

Bridging Data Science and Clinical Development!


  • Pritibha  Singh, MBA, MSc

    Pritibha Singh, MBA, MSc

    • Account Associate Director
    • Novartis Data42 AG, Switzerland

    Pritibha Singh is a Team Lead for Data Science and for Program Project Management at Novartis for data42. She has extensive international (Switzerland, Germany, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand) experience of 17 years gained in the pharmaceutical and biosimilar industry and in research. During this time Pritibha worked in numerous therapeutic areas: Cardiovascular, Diabetes, Neuroscience, Respiratory, Oncology, Immunology, and Hematology and she has end-to-end experience in discovery, development and late phase. Pritibha is also studying her Doctorate (Doctor of Sciences (Dr. sc. ETH Zurich)) to evaluate whether Decentralised Clinical Trials are more sustainable than the traditional Clinical Trial.

  • Ruthie  Davi, PhD, MS

    Ruthie Davi, PhD, MS

    • Vice President, Data Science and Statistician
    • Medidata, a Dassault Systèmes Company, United States

    Ruthie Davi is a Statistician and Vice President, Data Science at Acorn AI by Medidata (a Dassault Systèmes Company) and has a background in pharmaceutical clinical trials with more than 20 years working as a Statistical Reviewer, Team Leader, and Deputy Division Director in the Office of Biostatistics in CDER at FDA. At Acorn AI Ruthie is part of a team creating analytical tools to improve the efficiency and rigor of clinical trials, an example of which is her Synthetic Control work. Ruthie holds a Ph.D. in Biostatistics from George Washington University.

  • Nan  Shao, PhD

    Nan Shao, PhD

    • Executive Vice President, Global Operations
    • Veristat, United States

  • Steve  Wilson, PhD

    Steve Wilson, PhD

    • Senior Staff Fellow, OB, OTS, CDER
    • FDA, United States

  • Jingjing  Ye, PhD

    Jingjing Ye, PhD

    • Executive Director, Global Head of Data Science & Operational Excellence (DSOE)
    • Global Statistics and Data Science (GSDS), BeiGene USA, United States

  • Jessica  Federer, MPH

    Jessica Federer, MPH

    • ex-CDO
    • Bayer, United States

    Jessica is an investor and board member adept at deploying technology to make meaningful advancements for both business and society. She was one of the first Chief Digital Officers in the pharma industry, leading the digital transformation for Bayer A.G. across the Pharmaceutical, Consumer Care, Crop Science and Animal Health businesses. She is recognized as one of the top 100 CDOs and a leading health tech influencer, and served on the United Nations ITU advisory board. Federer began her public health career as an analyst at the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality in the US Department of Health and Human Services. She earned a Bachelor of Science from the George Washington University, and a Master of Public Health from Yale.

  • Jerald  Schindler, DrPH

    Jerald Schindler, DrPH

    • Vice President, Enterprise Biostatistics
    • Medtronic, United States

  • Rebecca  Taha, PhD, MBA

    Rebecca Taha, PhD, MBA

    • Director Biostatistical Consulting
    • ICON Biotech Solutions, United States

    Rebecca Taha PhD, MBA, a statistician and portfolio strategist has served the life sciences and healthcare industry for over 20 years. As Director, she supports biotechnology and biopharma organizations around the globe, providing strategic consulting and advisory services. Previously, she supported numerous pharmaceutical and device development programs, most recently as a senior research scientist at Eli Lilly and Company in Global Statistical Sciences. Dr. Taha received her MS and PhD from the University of Kentucky in in Statistics and Gerontology, respectively, and her MBA from the Kelley School of Business.

  • Chava  Zibman, PhD

    Chava Zibman, PhD

    • Mathematical Statistician, CDRH
    • FDA, United States

  • Joan  Buenconsejo, PhD, MPH

    Joan Buenconsejo, PhD, MPH

    • Head of Cardiovascular and Early Development Biostatistics
    • Bristol Myers Squibb, United States

    Joan Buenconsejo is VP, Head of Cardiovascular and Early Development Biostatistics at Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS). Prior to BMS, she was a strategy lead at AstraZeneca and a statistics team leader at CDER, FDA. She is a long-time DIA member, has chaired the DIA Statistics and Data Science Community, has worked with the Advisory Council of North America, and served as program chair and steering committee member for the Annual FDA/DIA Statistics Forum, and track co-chair for the DIA Annual Meeting. Dr. Buenconsejo received a master’s degree in mathematical statistics from University of California, Irvine, and a MPH and PhD in biostatistics from Yale University.

  • Aloka  Chakravarty, PhD

    Aloka Chakravarty, PhD

    • Director, Data Analytics
    • Office of Data, Analytics, & Research, Office of the Commissioner, FDA, United States

    Dr. Aloka Chakravarty is currently the Sr. Statistical Advisor in the Office of the Commissioner, FDA for real-world data and evidence activities related to collaborations on COVID-19 and others. She is also working on select strategic data initiatives at FDA with the Chief Data Officer.Prior to that, she was the Deputy Director of the Office of Biostatistics in CDER, FDA. She is an internationally recognized thought leader in multi-regional clinical trials, safety evaluation, real world data and evidence, surrogate markers and biomarkers in drug development. Dr. Chakravarty served as an Adjunct Faculty in Department of Statistics, FAES, NIH and has been on Advisory Board of multiple academic institutions.

  • Mariann  Micsinai-Balan, PhD

    Mariann Micsinai-Balan, PhD

    • Head of Data Science
    • Bristol Myers Squibb, United States

    Mariann Micsinai-Balan is VP, Head Data Science and Statistical Methodology at Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS). Prior to joining BMS, Mariann was Head of Data Science at E*Trade. Before that, she spent 7 years at Pivotal Software, where she was involved in solving big data problems, building and deploying cutting edge machine learning models in the financial services, healthcare, e-commerce and government sectors. Mariann started her career working in market risk management on the trading floor at Lehman Brothers.

  • Amy  Abernethy, MD, PhD

    Amy Abernethy, MD, PhD

    • President of Clinical Research Platforms
    • Verily, United States

    Amy Abernethy, MD, PhD, an oncologist and internationally recognized clinical data expert and clinical researcher, served as the Principal Deputy Commissioner of Food and Drugs and acting Chief Information Officer. She helped oversee FDA’s day-to-day functioning and directs special and high-priority cross-cutting initiatives. As acting CIO, she oversees FDA’s data and technical vision, and its execution. She has held multiple executive roles at Flatiron Health and was professor of medicine at Duke University School of Medicine. Dr. Abernethy received her MD at Duke University, PhD. at Flinders University, BA at the University of Pennsylvania and is boarded in palliative medicine.

  • Ella  Balasa

    Ella Balasa

    • Patient Advocate and Engagement Consultant
    • N/A, United States

    Ella Balasa is a patient advocate, consultant, and a person living with cystic fibrosis. She has committed her time to empowering patients and advancing healthcare strategies. She speaks publicly about the value of patient perspective and has a passion for distilling clinical information for patient communities. Through opportunities working with healthcare organizations on content strategy, writing, speaking, clinical trial development, and sharing the patient experience she aims to affect the healthcare landscape by raising awareness of rare diseases, promoting self-advocacy to patients, and valuable insights to organizations. More of her work and experiences can be found at

  • Joy  Bhosai, MD, MPH

    Joy Bhosai, MD, MPH

    • CEO & CO-Founder
    • Pluto Health, United States

    Joy Bhosai, MD MPH is the co-founder/CEO of Pluto Health, a company focused on improving patient access and care through a health platform that bridges siloed real world data (RWD). She previously served as Chief of Digital Health and Strategy for the Duke Clinical Research Institute. Through previous public health work in Africa and Asia, she developed innovations focused on improving access to health services that were used for clinical trials, which then lead to her founding ChatrHealth, a health tech organization dedicated to developing patient safety and communication tools. Joy received a Masters of Public Health from Yale, focusing on global health management, and an MD with distinction from UCSF.

  • Ram  Iyer, MS

    Ram Iyer, MS

    • Chief Data Officer
    • FDA, United States

    As the Chief Data Officer of the FDA, Ram C Iyer has the accountability to develop and execute an agency wide data modernization strategy, building robust central functions that can be leveraged by the centers and the agency for high value decisions. The scope spans the entire stack from data identification to actionable decision, including data policies and governance. Ram is an industry and peer recognized data and technology professional with experience in the Pharma, Consulting, Telecom and International Government organizations. His expertise includes Data and Decision Sciences, Digital and Technology Architecture, and Talent Development with a focus on building collaborative partnerships and Ecosystems.

  • Adam  Pavlicek, PhD

    Adam Pavlicek, PhD

    • Founder and CEO
    • Monoceros Biosystems, LLC, United States

    Dr. Pavlicek received his PhD in Human Genetics from the Jacques Monod Institute, University of Paris, and has more than 15 years of experience working in the pharmaceutical industry including Pfizer Oncology and Regulus Therapeutics. Throughout his career, Dr. Pavlicek has acquired substantial expertise in applying bioinformatics to drug discovery across many unique therapeutic areas including oncology, rare diseases, as well as disorders of the liver, kidney, CNS, and eye. He is the founder and CEO of Monoceros Biosystems, a bioinformatics consultancy company, co-founder of DTx Pharma, and advisor for multiple drug discovery companies.

  • Lee  Albacker, PhD

    Lee Albacker, PhD

    • Senior Director, Biomarker Development and Analytics
    • Foundation Medicine, United States

  • Vaishali  Popat, MD, MPH

    Vaishali Popat, MD, MPH

    • Associate Director, Biomedical Informatics and Reg Review Science, OND, CDER
    • FDA, United States

    Dr. Vaishali Popat is an Associate Director for Biomedical Informatics in the Office of New Drugs, Immediate Office. Dr. Popat is the OND lead on biomedical informatics issues in areas such as safety analytics, staff training on the use of new review tools to make the evaluation of pre-marketing data more efficient and consistent, data standards, as well as leveraging data from internal and external sources to make regulatory decisions.

  • Miruna  Sasu, PhD, MBA

    Miruna Sasu, PhD, MBA

    • President and Chief Executive Officer
    • COTA, United States

    With over 20 years of experience leading digital health teams at large pharmaceutical companies, Miruna brings great insight and expertise to her new role at COTA. Since joining the company last year, she has made a significant impact driven by her commitment to better cancer care for patients.

  • Bertrand  Sohier

    Bertrand Sohier

    • Senior Vice President, Global Medical Services
    • Parexel International, France

    Bertrand is a seasoned medical leader in the drug development industry, board-certified pulmonologist with 12 years patient-facing medical experience, 13 years at local and corporate level in a major pharmaceutical company and 12 years in a Contract Research Organization. His main areas of expertise and experience include internal medicine, drug development, medical affairs, shaping, and implementing innovations in clinical research. As an executive leader, he heads a global medical team of 100 + physicians so that study sponsors are provided with appropriate medical support in their outsourced trials from strategic advice to thorough execution of medical monitoring tasks. He also provides consultancy in drug development programs.

  • Sunil  Talathi

    Sunil Talathi

    • Director, Global Head - Data Engineering, Data Science and Operational Excellenc
    • BeiGene USA, United States

  • Abena  Agyeman, PhD

    Abena Agyeman, PhD

    • Senior Biologist
    • FDA, United States

    Dr. Agyeman is a Senior Biologist in the Division of Pharmacology and Toxicology supporting the Division of Rare Diseases, Pediatrics, Urologic & Reproductive medicine at FDA. She also serves as the co-chair for the FDA Biomarker Working Group and is a member of the FDA-NIH Biomarker Working Group. Prior to this she was a team lead in the Biomarker Qualification Program and was the subject matter expert for surrogate endpoints. Dr. Agyeman has a PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from John Hopkins School of Public Health and was a Postdoctoral Scholar at The University of Chicago. In both roles she focused on biomarker discovery and development for breast cancer prevention and treatment from the translational science perspective.

  • Anastasia  Christianson, PhD

    Anastasia Christianson, PhD

    • Vice President, Head of AI, ML, Advanced Analytics, and Data
    • Pfizer, United States

    Anastasia Christianson is VP and Global Head AI, ML, Advanced Analytics, and Data in Pfizer’s Digital Organization. She has more than 25 years of experience in Pharma and is a highly respected thought leader in biomedical informatics, data science, advanced analytics, and digital and connected health. A scientist by training, she has championed numerous initiatives to drive innovation and adoption of digital technologies and advanced analytics in drug discovery and development to fuel translational science, precision medicine, and digital health. Anastasia earned her B.S. degree from the College of New Jersey, her Ph.D, in Biological Chemistry from the University of Pennsylvania, and completed postdoctoral training at Harvard University.

  • Chao  Liu, PhD

    Chao Liu, PhD

    • Senior Director
    • PI Health, United States

  • Ali  Neishabouri, PhD

    Ali Neishabouri, PhD

    • Head of Data Science
    • Actigraph, United States

  • Kevin  Snyder, PhD

    Kevin Snyder, PhD

    • Computational Pharmacologist, OND, CDER
    • FDA, United States

  • Qian   Meng, PhD

    Qian Meng, PhD

    • Senior Biostatistician
    • Servier Pharmaceuticals, United States

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