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Session 3: Digital and Technological Developments in Medical Information

Session Chair(s)

Hakan  Aribas, MD

Hakan Aribas, MD

  • Sr. Medical Information and Communication Manager
Michelle  Bridenbaker, BSN, MS

Michelle Bridenbaker, BSN, MS

  • Head of Global Medical Information
  • Idorsia Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Switzerland

In this Session, we will discuss firstly Natural Language Processing (NLP) and AI tools/applications used in Pharma to gather insights. Zeb and Anika will share their experiences utilising these important tools and processes especially for gathering insights from different resources within Medical Information settings. Then Jason will share with us how coordinating and organising all of our valuable data is possible utilizing a Medical Affairs Analytics tool and portals to share insights about our Medical Affairs business.


Zebulun  Adomako-Mensah

Utilizing a Natural Language Processing application to uncover new insights and themes from medical inquiries at Takeda

Zebulun Adomako-Mensah

  • Medical Information Lead
  • Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Switzerland
Jason  Villalobos

Crawl, Walk, Run – The Key to a Success Medical Affairs Analytics Project

Jason Villalobos

  • Managing Partner
  • 3vue LLC, United States
Anika  Filandri

Artificial Intelligence and Insights generation : The new role of Medical Information

Anika Filandri

  • Medical Information Manager
  • Chiesi Farmaceutici Spa, Italy

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