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Digital Technology in Clinical Trials Conference

Digital Technology in Clinical Trials Conference is now fully virtual. Join us from the comfort of your own space!

Exhibitor Event/Non-CE: Case Study Spotlight hosted by IQVIA Technologies

Session Chair(s)

Tony  Mikulaschek

Tony Mikulaschek

  • Vice President, eCOA
  • IQVIA, United States

IQVIA eCOA: Accelerate Your Trial and Enhance Patient Experience

Fast, flexible and proven, IQVIA eCOA combines best-in-class technology with industry-leading expertise to improve the patient experience, enhance data quality, and accelerate clinical trials.

Join Anthony Mikulaschek as he discusses how IQVIA eCOA helps sponsors reduce study start-up timelines, provide a flexible experience for patients and sites, while utilizing the industry’s largest digital library of assessments to enhance overall trial efficiency.

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Learning Objective :
  • How an IQVIA sponsor realized an accelerated study start-up time of only 2 weeks
  • How IQVIA’s BYOD solution helped a sponsor achieve 95% patient compliance
  • How IQVIA’s library of assessments not only enables rapid study-build but, eliminates potential error in start-up and improves data quality

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