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DIA CoRE Singapore Annual Meeting 2022

Aspirations for the Future of Healthcare - From Ideas to Actions

Health & Safety

In 2022, DIA events are returning to a face-to-face format. Because we are committed to delivering a safe and secure conference, please be advised that all in-person participants must comply with our Event Safety Code of conduct, which requires either vaccination, certificate of recovery, or proof of inability to be vaccinated. Please consult the full Event Safety Code of conduct for more information.

An individual is considered fully vaccinated if he/she has been (a) fully vaccinated, i.e. has received the full regimen of a WHO EUL vaccine, with an additional two weeks for the vaccine to be fully effective, or (b) within the 180-day exemption period after recovery from COVID-19. From 14 February 2022, participants resident in Singapore aged 18 years and above and who have completed the primary vaccination series will be considered fully vaccinated for up to 270 days after the last dose of the primary vaccination status. Thereafter, such participants who are eligible for booster vaccination must do so in order to remain fully vaccinated.

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