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Medical Affairs and Scientific Communications Forum

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Session 3 Track 1: Insights to Action: Bringing Forward Voice of the Customer

Session Chair(s)

Sonia  Sandhu, PharmD

Sonia Sandhu, PharmD

  • Senior Director, Medical Information
  • Gilead Sciences, Inc., United States
Medical Insights provide medical affairs and medical information teams a deep understanding of HCPs and patient needs that they should use to shape the medical strategies and tactics. We can accelerate harnessing of these insights with the use of technology and sophisticated processes. The actionable insights help inform data gaps, future data generation priorities, content development, label updates, support safe and effective use of company products, and much more. The use of technology, detailed processes and quality of data allow the medical teams to bring forward the voice of the customer into the medical strategies and tactics.
Learning Objective : At the conclusion of this session, participants should be able to:
  • The impact of insights on decision making
  • How technology and processes can help aggregate, mine and analyze complex data allowing more time to focus on analyzing insights
  • That implementing a process that accurately captures the customer interaction is an important factor in providing valuable insights


Alicia Alexander Cadogan, PharmD, RPh


Alicia Alexander Cadogan, PharmD, RPh

  • Director, Oncology Medical Information
  • Pfizer Inc, United States
Seth  Tyree, MS


Seth Tyree, MS

  • Senior VIce President, Product Strategy
  • Stratifyd, United States
Sophie Forge Forge, MS


Sophie Forge Forge, MS

  • Global Head of Medical Data to Insights
  • GSK, United States