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Session 2 Track 2: Recruiting and Retaining Medical Writing Talent in Pharma

Session Chair(s)

Diane  Cleverley, PhD

Diane Cleverley, PhD

  • Senior Regulatory Writer
  • Synchrogenix, United States
Meera  Kodukulla, PhD

Meera Kodukulla, PhD

  • Senior Director, Scientific Publications
  • AstraZeneca, United States
Medical writing is an established core competency in the pharmaceutical industry providing a compelling value proposition with deep knowledge, skills, and experience. The demand for skilled medical writing professionals in Pharma and Healthcare continues to rise with the accelerated pace of drug development, enhanced regulatory and data transparency requirements, and innovation in digital communications. A career in medical writing presents diverse opportunities for scientific professionals to apply their scientific knowledge and writing expertise to translate clinical evidence into impactful and timely regulatory documents and peer-reviewed publications. We present an argument for why medical writing should be not just an alternative career, but a career of choice. The focus of this chat will be on 3 main areas of current interest for both Sponsors and Agencies: hiring in talented writers, training new and current writers and retaining top talent.
Learning Objective : At the conclusion of this session, participants should be able to:
  • Employ practical tips on identifying talented medical writers
  • Define Best Practices for training new and current writers
  • Develop a plan to retain valuable talent for their company


Demetrius  Carter, MBA


Demetrius Carter, MBA

  • SVP, Regulatory Services
  • Certara Synchrogenix, United States