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Digital Technology in Clinical Trials

This event is now offered in a new entirely virtual format.

Session 11 Track A: Decentralized Trials and Research: Sustaining the Momentum Post-Pandemic

Session Chair(s)

Courtney  Granville, PhD, MPH

Courtney Granville, PhD, MPH

  • Global Associate Director, Research and Scientific Programs
  • DIA, United States
The rapid adoption of decentralized trials and research is a silver lining of the coronavirus pandemic. Stakeholders across the medical product development continuum moved to integrate decentralized approaches to maintain continuity and respond to the demands of COVID-19. Many organizations developed processes and practices to integrate new technology, while patients and investigators adapted to new ways to interacting, receiving and delivering care and collecting data. As we emerge from the pandemic, what approaches should be retained and how can our community implement process and procedure that is fit for purpose, taking into account the needs and preferences of all stakeholders?
Learning Objective : To demonstrate how robust clinical trial processes can be developed and optimised ensuring introduction of new technology into decentralised clinical trials to allow patient centric data collection


Karla  Mackenzie, MS

Developing Processes for Patient-Centric Decentralised Clinical Trials

Karla Mackenzie, MS

  • Head of CRA Oceania
  • LEO, Australia
Sarah  Krug, MS

The Voice of the Patient in Decentralized Research and Trials

Sarah Krug, MS

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • CANCER101, United States
Craig H Lipset, MPH

Multistakeholder Collaborations to Advance Decentralized Trials and Research

Craig H Lipset, MPH

  • Co-Chair
  • Decentralized Trials & Research Alliance (DTRA), United States