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18th DIA Japan Annual Meeting 2021

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LS25: East Asia Townhall

Session Chair(s)

Ling  Su, PhD

Ling Su, PhD

  • Research Fellow
  • Shenyang Pharmaceutical University Yeehong Business School, China


Nobumasa  Nakashima, PhD

Nobumasa Nakashima, PhD

  • Associate Executive Director for International Programs
  • Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA), Japan
Zhimin  Yang, MD

Zhimin Yang, MD

  • Director of the Oncology Division, CDE
  • National Medical Products Administration (NMPA), China
SoHee  Kim, PhD

SoHee Kim, PhD

  • Director / Pharmacist, Ministry of Food and Drug Safety
  • National Institute of Food and Drug Safety Evaluation (NIFDS), Korea, Republic of

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