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DIA 2021 Global Annual Meeting


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The prices below are industry pricing. Reduced pricing may be available for Nonprofit/Academia and Government, subject to eligibility verification. Click Register to get pricing appropriate for your work setting. Review the cancellation and transfer policy.

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  • #025A: Optimizing Your Interaction With EU Regulatory Authorities: How to Prepare and Perform $-1
  • #011A: Core Labeling $350
  • #033P: eCOA 102: Beyond the Basics - Operational, Scientific, and Best Practices for eCOA and Wearable Devices in Clinical Trials $350
  • #012A: Real-World Evidence: The Evolving Landscape of Regulators, Data, and Integrated Use $350
  • #021A: R&D QA Comprehensive Quality Strategy: An Approach to Managing Quality Risks Throughout the Drug Development Lifecycle $350
  • #023P: Implementing a Risk-Based Monitoring Solution: Understanding the Basics of a Sustainable Model $350
  • #042P: Compliance by Design: Blockchain in Clinical Research and Drug Development $350
  • #041A: Japan Regulatory Environment: Overview of the Organization, Processes, Systems, and Changes Effecting Pharmaceutical Development $350
  • #051A: Regulatory Submissions and Interactions with NMPA: What You Need to Know $350
  • #031A: Developing, Implementing, and Operating REMS Programs $-1
  • #014P: Data Visualization in the Lifesciences $350
  • #022A: Medical Writing Training Programs: Teaching the Next Generation of Regulatory Medical Writers $350
  • #013A: “Has it Happened Already?” Questions of Precedent from which Regulatory Intelligence Can Save You $350
  • #032A: Leadership: How to Organize and Lead People in a Work Group $350
  • #034P: Best Practices for Business Communications: How to Communicate with Maximum Impact $350
  • #024P: Optimizing the Document Review Process $-1