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DIA 2021 Global Annual Meeting

Health Canada Town Hall

Session Chair(s)

Evelyn  Soo, PhD, MS

Evelyn Soo, PhD, MS

  • Director, Bureau of Gastroenterology, Infection and Viral Diseases, HPFB
  • Health Canada, Canada
Health Canada will be providing updates on its regulatory innovation agenda and invite questions of general interest.
Learning Objective : Describe the modernization of the Clinical Trial Regulations, renewal of the Special Access Program, and the Advanced Therapeutics Pathway.


Elizabeth  Toller, MA


Elizabeth Toller, MA

  • Associate Director General, Policy, Planning and International Affairs Directora
  • Health Canada, Canada
Carole  Legare, MD

Modernizing Health Canada’s Clinical Trial Framework: Toward a Risk-Based Approach

Carole Legare, MD

  • Director, Office of Clinical Trials, TPD
  • Health Canada, Canada
Kenneth  Joly, MS


Kenneth Joly, MS

  • Policy Analyst, Office of Policy and International Collaboration, BRDD
  • Health Canada, Canada