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16th DIA Japan Annual Meeting 2019

Delivering Rational Medicine for All People in the Globe

[S41] The Dawn of Program Management: Beyond Project Management

Session Chair(s)

Koji  Iwasaki, PhD

Koji Iwasaki, PhD

  • Professor, Academic Clinical Research Center,
  • Osaka University Hospital, Japan
Recently, not only industry but also academia are utilizing project management skills and techniques, to produce deliverables under cost and time constrains. In addition, recent new therapy development, such as oncology, requires simultaneous development of multiple indications and/or concurrent CDx development, and simple project management tools may not fully solve organizational problems. Thus “program management”, where multiple projects are managed effectively and efficiently, plays critical roles. In this session, basic concept and examples program management implementation will be introduced and participants are encouraged to participate in discussion, so that we can deeply understand and discuss effective and efficient management for recent complex new therapy development.


Toru  Kato

What Is Program Management?

Toru Kato

  • President
  • Japan Project Management Association, Japan
Shoji  Sanada, MD, PhD

Perspective for Academic Project Management and its Variety for Exit Strategies in Japan

Shoji Sanada, MD, PhD

  • Professor/ Chief of Clinical Research Support Group
  • Osaka City University Hospital, Japan
Atsushi  Tsukamoto, PhD, MSc

Program Management Implementation in Pharmaceutical Company

Atsushi Tsukamoto, PhD, MSc

  • Daiichi Sankyo Company, Limited, Japan