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16th DIA Japan Annual Meeting 2019

Delivering Rational Medicine for All People in the Globe

[S40] Consider How to Provide Patient-Sought Drug Information

Session Chair(s)

Tomiko  Tawaragi

Tomiko Tawaragi

  • Chief Director
  • RAD-AR, Japan
Drug information required by patients receiving medical care in Japan is diversifying, and the language of patients is also diversifying. Digitization has also advanced as a method of providing drug information, and various methods have been used. What are the challenges of current methods of providing drug information from a citizen perspective? In this session, we will share current approaches, challenges (limitations and difficulties of current schemes), and expectations for the future. In addition, we will consider what to do in the future through industry-government-academia collaboration and what to prepare from now in the panel discussion.


Yoichiro  Takahashi

Measures to Deliver Reliable Drug Information to Patients

Yoichiro Takahashi

  • Vice Chief Director
  • RAD-AR Council, Japan, Japan
Kensuke  Nose

How Do Patients Feel They Want to Be Provided with Reliable Drug Information?

Kensuke Nose

  • Sponsor
  • MYSTAR Japan, Japan
Toshiaki  Suzuki

Information Provision at Pharmacies ~ From Information, To Communication~

Toshiaki Suzuki

  • Pharmacist Solution Department
  • Fuji Yakuhin Co., LTD., Japan
Hideo  Nakada, RPh

How to Meet Patients’ Needs for Health Information in Hospitals Focus on “Health Information Plaza Kenko-Joho-Hiroba “ in Keio University Hospital

Hideo Nakada, RPh

  • Assistant Professor, Division of Hospital Pharmacy Science
  • Keio University, Japan