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16th DIA Japan Annual Meeting 2019

Delivering Rational Medicine for All People in the Globe

Special Chatt Session

Session Chair(s)

Keiichi  Inaizumi, MSc

Keiichi Inaizumi, MSc

  • Japan Clinical Project Manager, Clinical Operations and Compliance 1
  • Pfizer R&D Japan, Japan
“Special Chat Sessions” will be provided for members to exchange opinions, questions, or issues and to build networking among attendees. Young or experienced attendees, academia or students, investigational sites or PMDA – please sit around our table and be our companions! Let’s talk together. is session will be a casual discussion in a free-discussion format of small groups of people. We are going to provide some discussion topics. This year, we prepare eleven hot topics, and two Communities will facilitate one topic so that you can enjoy discussions beyond Communities. Please visit your interest table and join the discussion of a theme in which you are interested. The views and opinions expressed in Chatting are those of the individual participants and should not be attributed to DIA, affiliates, or any organization with which the participants is employed or affiliated.