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16th DIA Japan Annual Meeting 2019

Delivering Rational Medicine for All People in the Globe

[S34] The Present and Future of Utilization of AI and Digital Technology in Medicine Development and Healthcare Services -To Deliver Rational Medicine-

Session Chair(s)

Kazuhiro  Kanmuri, PhD

Kazuhiro Kanmuri, PhD

  • CEO
  • Inter-Professiona Inc., Japan
DIA Japan organized a symposium entitled “Cutting Edge Series - The Present and Future of Utilization of AI and Digital Technology in Drug Development -”. The key elements that become the driving force of continuous innovation promotion regardless of industries are: (1) promoting technological innovation as the core of innovation, (2) application technology in needs including commercialization, and assess a level of utility and improvement, (3) fostering talent with high potential and find experts, and connect them to promote further innovation. In this session, experts (engaging AI application using multi-omics and promoting education for coming AI and digital era) from academia, pharmaceutical companies, technology venders and regulators will be invited to share their insights and discuss how we contribute to deliver rational medicine.


Catherine CL  Wong, PhD

AI Empowers Biomarker Discoveries Using Multi-Omics Technologies

Catherine CL Wong, PhD

  • Professor/Director
  • Peking University, Center for Precision Medicine MultiOmics Research, China
Hiroki  Tsuruta, PhD

Education Program for Value Creator Who Can Construct Bright Future in Kobe University and Future

Hiroki Tsuruta, PhD

  • Associate Professor, Office of Academic and Industrial Innovation
  • Kobe University, Japan
Hiroyasu  Sugihara

Key Points for Introducing RPA in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Hiroyasu Sugihara

  • Manager, Direct Sales
  • Automation Anywhere Japan, Co., Ltd., Japan