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16th DIA Japan Annual Meeting 2019

Delivering Rational Medicine for All People in the Globe

[S22] Enabling More Efficient Clinical Studies through TransCelerate Solutions

Session Chair(s)

Makiko  Okamoto

Makiko Okamoto

  • Sr. Manager, Clinical Innovations & Business Integration, Medical Development
  • Eli Lilly Japan K.K., Japan
TransCelerate was founded with a mission to collaborate across biopharmaceutical and R&D communities to identify and help implement solutions to drive the delivery of new medicines. Since its inception, TransCelerate’s membership of 20 leading biopharmaceutical companies has believed that there is significant opportunity to improve the speed, quality and efficiency for all stakeholders in the industry by introducing consistent digital solutions throughout a patient’s clinical trial journey. This session will give a general overview and update on activites across TransCelerate, the tools currently being implemented in Japan, and a roadmap of TransCelerate initiatives and their statuses.


Toshiharu  Sano, RPh

TransCelerate Activities General Update

Toshiharu Sano, RPh

  • Executive Director, Head of Clinical Operations Area, Japan Development
  • MSD K.K., Japan
Masahide  Matsushima, MSc

Initiative Update: SIP (Shared Investigator Platform)

Masahide Matsushima, MSc

  • Japan Clinical Project Manager,Clinical Operations
  • Pfizer R&D Japan , Japan
Sian  Ratcliffe, PhD

Enabling More Efficient Clinical Studies through TransCelerate Solutions: The CPT and Clinical Content Re-Use

Sian Ratcliffe, PhD

  • Vice President, Head of Medical Writing
  • Pfizer Inc, United States
Kouji  Kawamura, MSc

Overview of TransCelerate’s Pharmacovigilance Portfolio

Kouji Kawamura, MSc

  • Vice President, Pharmacovigilance JP
  • Astellas Pharma Inc., Japan