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16th DIA Japan Annual Meeting 2019

Delivering Rational Medicine for All People in the Globe

[S07] Ideal Conduct and Future Perspectives for Publication by Pharmaceutical Companies

Session Chair(s)

Yuko  Kojima, RPh

Yuko Kojima, RPh

  • Director, Biometrics, Medicine Development Unit & Medical Affairs- Japan
  • Eli Lilly Japan K.K., Japan
Company-sponsored publications are one of the most critical sources of medical information to help HCPs decide treatment for a patient. So, it is very important to understand what pharmaceutical companies should do to ensure ethical and effective publications to have the evidence appropriately communicated and to avoid any misconduct. In this session, we will readdress the publication basics such as Good Publication Practice 3 (GPP3) and ICMJE recommendations with international publication experts. We will also discuss current practices and challenges which a Japanese pharmaceutical company faces in a real setting. On top of these, we will touch upon future outlook such as how to involve patients in publications.


Ana  Marušic, MD, PhD

What Journal Editors Expect from the Pharmaceutical Industry?

Ana Marušic, MD, PhD

  • Professor and Chair, Department of Research in Biomedicine and Health
  • University of Split School of Medicine, Croatia (Hrvatska)
Audrey   Suh Krolick, PharmD

Current and Future Publication Practice by Pharmaceutical Company

Audrey Suh Krolick, PharmD

  • Medical AffairsSenior Director, Head of Global Scientific Publications
  • Astellas Pharma, United States
Ken-ichi  Setsukinai, PhD

Current Status and Issues of Publication Management from Inhouse Perspective

Ken-ichi Setsukinai, PhD

  • Medical Affairs Division, Medical communication group manager
  • SHIONOGI & CO., LTD., Japan