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16th DIA Japan Annual Meeting 2019

Delivering Rational Medicine for All People in the Globe

Student Session: Medical Risk Communication on Diabetes Medicine: What Information Should We Share?

Session Chair(s)

Mikako  Einaga

Mikako Einaga

  • Student, Department of Organic and Bioorganic Chemistry
  • Showa University, School of Pharmacy, Japan
Minami  Mori

Minami Mori

  • Department of Organic and Bioorganaic Chemisity
  • Showa University, School of Pharmacy, Japan
Toshiaki  Suga

Toshiaki Suga

  • Pharmacy
  • Nihon University, Japan
Yuki  Sugao

Yuki Sugao

  • Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Science, Japan
No medication can be taken without any risk. Therefore, medical risk communication, the process of sharing medical risk information and of filling the gap of understanding of a medication between healthcare providers and others (especially patients) is an essential step not only for doctors but for everyone. This session stresses the importance of risk communication to future medical professionals by examining the SGLT2 inhibitor diabetes medicine. After the lecture segment of this session, participants will discuss in groups what risk information should be shared, with whom, and how.


Michiko  Yamamoto, PhD

Fundamentals and Practical Applications of Risk Communication on Medicines

Michiko Yamamoto, PhD

  • Visiting Professor
  • Kumamoto University, Japan
Kasumi  Daidoji, PhD, RPh

Student Session

Kasumi Daidoji, PhD, RPh

  • Associate Director, Corporate Medical Affairs Headquarters
  • Eisai Co., Ltd., Japan