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Future of Evidence Workshop

RWE and RCT as building blocks for transformative evidence generation

Session 7: RWE, Data Sharing and Data Transparency

Session Chair(s)

René  Allard, PhD

René Allard, PhD

  • Contractor
  • CTC, Germany
The future of clinical evidence will be determined by the willingness to share data. There are numerous important components in striving for the maximum clinical utility that was identified by the Institute of Medicine in 2015. A culture of sharing with effective incentives is essential, including that stakeholders can identify the platform that is most appropriate for their needs. The panellists will share insights into different initiatives for data sharing and give insights on evolving voluntary data sharing models. Presentation and Q&A session.


Nikolai Constantin Brun, MD

Insights on How to Prepare and Plan Data Collection

Nikolai Constantin Brun, MD

  • Co-Chair, EMA-MHA Big Data Task Force; Dir, Div for Medical Eval & Biostatistics
  • Danish Medicines Agency, Denmark
Nigel  Hughes, MSc

Federated Networks to Improve Trust

Nigel Hughes, MSc

  • Scientific Director, Observational Health Data Analytics/Epidemiology
  • Janssen Research and Development, Belgium
Rebecca  Li, PhD

Finding New Solutions to Problems and Concerns in Clinical Data Sharing – Outcomes from Datathon (REMOTE via Zoom)

Rebecca Li, PhD

  • Executive Director, Center for Global Clinical Research Data
  • Vivli , United States