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Global Clinical Trial Disclosure and Data Transparency Conference

Learn about the latest global requirements in clinical trial disclosure and data transparency, share best practices, and engage in in-depth discussions on hot topics.

Session 3: Good Compliance is Good Business

Session Chair(s)

Francine  Lane, MBA

Francine Lane, MBA

  • Vice President, Global Transparency
  • Informa, United States
The public continues to pay close attention to clinical trial disclosures. Large pharma is no longer the primary focus of analyses by transparency advocates but studies from organizations from all sizes and shapes are highlighted when study results are not shared in a timely manner. In this session, we’ll hear from funders and transparency advocates to understand why disclosure is important, what is ‘good’ compliance, and some best practices to help your organization become better with clinical trial disclosures and compliance.
Learning Objective : At the conclusion of this session, participants should be able to:
  • Identify major stakeholders for clinical trial disclosure information
  • Assess why good compliance is important to different stakeholder groups
  • Discuss best practices to achieve good compliance


Georgina  Humphreys, PhD, MSc

Why Transparency is Important to Us (Remote Presentation)

Georgina Humphreys, PhD, MSc

  • Clinical Data Sharing Manager
  • Wellcome Trust, United Kingdom
Thomas  Wicks, MBA

Trends and Best Practices in Trial Disclosure

Thomas Wicks, MBA

  • Chief Strategy Officer
  • Trialscope, Inc., United States
Till  Bruckner, PhD

Evolving Transparency Expectations: The Road Ahead (Remote Presentation)

Till Bruckner, PhD

  • Founder
  • TranspariMED, United Kingdom