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Biosimilars Conference

Session 4: Overcoming Barriers- Knowledge/Perception

Session Chair(s)

Hillel  Cohen, PhD

Hillel Cohen, PhD

  • Executive Director, Scientific Affairs
  • Sandoz Inc., United States
This session will provide insights into the current knowledge and perception of different stakeholders about biosimilars, including patients and their healthcare providers. The FDA, a patient advocacy group and a physician group, will discuss targeted educational initiatives that are being undertaken to educate different stakeholders about key concepts of biosimilarity to address topics and issues that are often misunderstood. The session will consist of brief presentations, followed by a panel discussion that will provide the audience with the opportunity to pose questions to the panelists to initiate further discussion.
Learning Objective :
  • List those biosimilar concepts that are already familiar to stakeholders as well as concepts for which education is still needed
  • Describe the new initiatives that are being undertaken in the near future to increase biosimilar knowledge and enhance a positive perception of biosimilars
  • Employ useful tools that can be used to combat misinformation about biosimilars
  • Identify how different stakeholder groups can support the education campaigns of each other


Sarah  Crowley-Ikenberry, MA


Sarah Crowley-Ikenberry, MA

  • Senior Communication Advisor, OTBB, OND, CDER
  • FDA, United States
Cheryl  Koehn


Cheryl Koehn

  • Founder and President
  • Arthritis Consumer Experts, Canada
Angus  Worthing, MD


Angus Worthing, MD

  • Chair, Government Affairs Committee
  • American College of Rheumatology, United States

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