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Biosimilars Conference

Session 3: New Paths To Biosimilar Access: How These Stakeholders Can Promote Uptake

Session Chair(s)

Anna  Welch, MA

Anna Welch, MA

  • Chief Editor, Biosimilar Development
  • Life Science Connect, United States
Pharmacy benefits managers, patients, and physicians are credited with having the most influence in terms of U.S. biosimilar market access. While these stakeholders are critical pieces of the puzzle, the employer, health system, and GPO are often overlooked influencers in educating about biosimilars and improving uptake. This session will examine the tools each of these stakeholders have at their disposal to overcome systemic barriers individually and collectively to promote greater biosimilar access.
Learning Objective : At the conclusion of this session, participants should be able to:
  • Recognize the biosimilar education and uptake efforts occurring at the employer, health system, and GPO/payer levels
  • Identify and assess barriers to biosimilar access within the healthcare value chain
  • Evaluate new collaborative strategies to overcome systemic healthcare barriers and improve biosimilar access


Lauren  Vela


Lauren Vela

  • Senior Director
  • Pacific Business Group on Health, United States
Ned  Pojskic


Ned Pojskic

  • Leader, Pharmacy & Health Provider Relations
  • Green Shield Canada, Canada
Sameer  Awsare, MD


Sameer Awsare, MD

  • FACP Associate Executive Director
  • Permanente Medicine, The Permanente Medical Group, United States

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