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Better Medicines for Children, A DIA/EFGCP Conference

Plan ahead and join us to reflect on the importance of two major headways that are currently affecting Paediatric research: Innovative approaches to Drug Development and impact of the current environment on the Regulatory and Research Infrastructure

Session 4: Paediatric Research Initiatives – Who Are They and What Do They Aim For?

Session Chair(s)

Heidrun  Hildebrand

Heidrun Hildebrand

  • Global Program Head
  • Bayer AG, Germany
One of the critical factors for successful Paediatric Development is the availability of efficient Research Infrastructure across Europe and beyond. There are several initiatives ongoing globally to create this infrastructure. These include networks and research initiatives of all kind, receiving a mix of public and private funding. This session will provide some insights on these initiatives. Who they are, what are their goals, and how they are funded?


Mark  Turner, MD, PhD, MRCP, FFPM

European Research Infrastructure Initiatives - Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Mark Turner, MD, PhD, MRCP, FFPM

  • Co-Director International Neonatal Consortium
  • NIHR Clinical Research Network Children's, Theme Liverpool Women's Hospital, United Kingdom
Nathalie  Seigneuret, PharmD

IMI Activities Related to Paediatric Research & Development (c4c, ITTC-P4)

Nathalie Seigneuret, PharmD

  • Senior Scientific Project Manager
  • Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI), Belgium
Samuel D. Maldonado, MD, MPH

US Public-Private Partnerships Supporting Paediatric Research (C-Path; iACT, INC, Duke)

Samuel D. Maldonado, MD, MPH

  • Vice President, Head of Child Health Innovation Leadership Department
  • Janssen Research & Development, LLC , United States

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