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Medical Affairs and Scientific Communications Forum

3 Meetings, 1 Location: Medical Communications, Medical Science Liaisons, Medical Writing

Session 7 Track 3: Thought Leader (TL) Identification and Tracking Best Practices

Session Chair(s)

Kathryn  Bucci, PharmD

Kathryn Bucci, PharmD

  • Medical Governance Lead
  • Pfizer, Inc., United States
The medical and clinical expertise offered by thought leaders (TLs) enables pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to deliver on medical affairs strategy and objectives. It is also important for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to engage with TLs and others in the healthcare community to inform the safe and appropriate use of their products. Field Medical (e.g. Medical Science Liaisons – MSLs) have an essential role building and maintaining relationships with TLs. This session will provide an overview of best practices of MSL methods to identify and track TLs.
Learning Objective :
  • Describe criteria and approaches to identify MSL TLs to meet medical strategy and objectives
  • Evaluate the various methods MSLs and MSL teams leverage to track the composition of their customer base using various platforms, processes, and capabilities
  • Recognize the considerations for different size companies when choosing the appropriate method to track MSL TLs


Sarah  Jarvis, MBA


Sarah Jarvis, MBA

  • Global Medical Affairs Lead
  • ZS, United States
Anthony  Page


Anthony Page

  • Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer
  • Voxx Analytics, United States