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Medical Affairs and Scientific Communications Forum

3 Meetings, 1 Location: Medical Communications, Medical Science Liaisons, Medical Writing

Session 2 Track 2A:No Need to Fear the Journal Editor

Session Chair(s)

Jennie  Jacobson, PhD

Jennie Jacobson, PhD

  • Associate Director, Publications and Scientific Communications
  • Incyte, United States
Journal editors are a writer’s first audience; if they don’t like our work, no other audience will see it. We know the basics – choose a journal with the appropriate scope for our subject and write a paper that is fair-balanced, compelling, and correctly formatted for the journal and submit it with a strong cover letter. But is there more we can do? Does reaching out to an editor hurt or help our chances? How can writers and editors engage to ensure that the best science is being published?
Learning Objective : At the conclusion of this session, participants should be able to:
  • Describe the gaps and opportunities for improvement in communication between editors and writers/authors
  • Understand how editors and writers/authors can work synergistically
  • Initiate productive interactions with journal editors


Leslie  Citrome, MD, MPH


Leslie Citrome, MD, MPH

  • Editor in Chief, International Journal of Clinical Practice
  • Wiley, United States
Darren  Taichman, MD, PhD


Darren Taichman, MD, PhD

  • Executive Deputy Editor
  • Annals of Internal Medicine, United States