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Creating Value for Patients

Session Chair(s)

Jennifer  Burgess, MBA, MPH

Jennifer Burgess, MBA, MPH

  • Vice President, Global Engagement and Communications
  • TransCelerate BioPharma Inc., United States
Creating Value for Patients
Learning Objective : 1. Overview of the changes and requirements for summary of clinical trial results for laypersons as outlined by the EMA; 2. Strategies for successful creation of lay summaries including readability and use of plain language; 3. Ways to create clinical trial summaries that the public can understand; 4. Examples of readability tests by country; and 5. How ensure quality of translated lay summaries.


Thomas M. Schindler, PhD

Bringing Lay Summaries to Fruition - How to Implement Appropriate Processes

Thomas M. Schindler, PhD

  • Head Medical Writing Europe
  • Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co.KG, Germany
Hugo  Riu

Best Practices for Lay Summaries in Global Clinical Trials

Hugo Riu

  • Quality and Training Director
  • Welocalize Life Sciences, Spain
Fabian  Somers, PhD, MBA, MSc

Enabling Patient Centric Clinical Trials: TransCelerate’s Patient Experience Initiative

Fabian Somers, PhD, MBA, MSc

  • Senior Clinical Program Director, NewMeds & Bone Clinical Development
  • UCB Biopharma, Belgium
Srinivas  Karri, MSc

Patient Engagement Through Patient Centricity

Srinivas Karri, MSc

  • Senior Director, Clinical Warehousing Cloud Strategy
  • Oracle Corporation, United Kingdom