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DIA 2018 Global Annual Meeting

The DIA 2018 Global Annual Meeting brings together thousands of innovators from around the globe.

Novel Approaches for Accessing the CNS: Nonclinical and Clinical Challenges

    Session Chair(s)
      Richard  Scheyer, MD

      Richard Scheyer, MD

      • Vice President, Medical Affairs
      • Medpace, United States
    This session will highlight new approaches in CNS-targeted therapeutics. These approaches to identify and develop therapies able to reach the CNS and address specific genetic perturbations are being pioneered in rare disease, and require disciplined approaches to study designs and execution.
    Learning Objective : Design studies for advanced treatment modalities, with focus on CNS therapeutics. Identify and address hurdles in pre-clinical evaluation, identification of appropriate patients, and administration of treatments crossing or bypassing the blood brain barrier: Describe target engagement and biologic impact.
      Richard  Scheyer, MD

      Novel Approaches to Confirming CNS Penetration and Target Engagement

      Richard Scheyer, MD

      • Vice President, Medical Affairs
      • Medpace, United States
      Dinah  Duarte, PharmD, MSc

      Nonclinical Models Supporting Orphan Drug Designations in Rare Neurodegenerative Conditions

      Dinah Duarte, PharmD, MSc

      • Scientific Evaluation Unit, Directorate of Medicinal Products
      • INFARMED, Portugal
      William  Elmquist, PharmD, PhD

      Novel Central Nervous System Delivery Methods in the Era of Targeted Therapeutics

      William Elmquist, PharmD, PhD

      • Director, Brain Barriers Research; Distinguished Prof, Dept. of Pharmaceutics
      • Univerity of Minnesota, United States