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Medical Affairs and Scientific Communications Forum

Medical Communication, MSL, and Medical Writing.

Session 7 Track 1A: One Medical Voice: Ensuring Consistent, Quality Medical Information Responses Globally

    Session Chair(s)
      Jeff  Mathews, MPH

      Jeff Mathews, MPH

      • Director, Medical Information
      • Gilead Sciences, United States
    Medical Information (MI) plays a key role in providing quality answers to unsolicited requests from healthcare providers. MI’s answers must be of the highest quality, accurate, appropriately balanced, and delivered consistently across the globe, when appropriate. This represents a significant challenge as MI departments globalize and expand their reach into alternative channels. This session will discuss ways that MI departments across three pharmaceutical companies are addressing this challenge with a comprehensive content strategy and utilizing technology to create “One Source of the Truth” for their content. The solution is only part of the story, though. This session will also uncover each company’s journey, from proof-of-concept through implementation, and discuss the best practices and lesssons learned that was acquired along the way.
    Learning Objective : At the conclusion of this session, participants should be able to:
    • Describe the importance of developing a MI content strategy and identify the resources necessary to deliver
    • Explain how to manage staff and key stakeholders through change
    • Cite examples on how to reuse the source of truth
    • Identify and compare different technology solutions to develop and share content globally
      Cecil  Lee, RPh

      Content is Like Water: Let it Flow

      Cecil Lee, RPh

      • Knowledge Management Advisor, Global Customer Information
      • Eli Lilly and Company, United States
      Meera  Patel, PharmD

      Implementation of a Global Content Management System to Pave the Road for a Successful Global Content Strategy

      Meera Patel, PharmD

      • Associate Director, Medical Information
      • Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc., United States
      Leena  Jindia, PharmD, MS

      Leena Jindia, PharmD, MS

      • Director, Medical Information
      • Janssen Scientific Affairs, LLC, United States
      Rania  Gaspo, PhD

      Global Content Management: A Neuroscience and Pain Story Through Word Clouds, Digital, and Non-Digital Interactions!

      Rania Gaspo, PhD

      • Director, Global Therapy Area Lead, External Medical Communications
      • Pfizer Canada Inc, Canada