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Medical Affairs and Scientific Communications Forum

Medical Communication, MSL, and Medical Writing.

Session 3 Track 1/3: It Takes a Village: Collaboration for One Medical Voice

    Session Chair(s)
      Rebecca  Falcone, PharmD

      Rebecca Falcone, PharmD

      • Global Medical Information Systems Lead, GMI Operations
      • Sanofi, United States
      Jim R. Wilkinson, PhD

      Jim R. Wilkinson, PhD

      • Executive Director, Global Medical Affairs
      • Amgen, Inc., United States
    In order to fully visualize the 360 degree view of the customer, medical affairs teams must effectively collaborate to share insights, create medical strategies, and develop materials. This session will highlight the value that collaboration can bring between Medical Information, Field Medical (MSLs), Health Outcomes, and Scientific Communications to provide one medical voice. The importance of collaborations between internal stakeholders to align on external engagements and deliverables will be discussed.
    Learning Objective : At the conclusion of this session, participants should be able to:
    • Explain the necessary collaborations between HEOR and Medical Affairs to provide a value story for Payers
    • Describe the value of a highly collaborative global team including MSLs, Medical Information, and Scientific Communications for the creation of MSL strategy, tactical plans, training plans, and medical resources
    • Identify best practices for creating a collaborative team
      Donna Veal Booth, PharmD


      Donna Veal Booth, PharmD

      • Sr. Director, US VEO Strategic Initiatives Lead
      • GlaxoSmithKline, United States
      Jennifer  Slade, PharmD


      Jennifer Slade, PharmD

      • Senior Director, Global Lead MSLs
      • Novartis Pharmaceuticals, United States