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Advertising and Promotion Regulatory Affairs Conference

Session 4 Track B: Global Promotional Review Process and Considerations

    Session Chair(s)
      Sue  Duvall, MPA, RN

      Sue Duvall, MPA, RN

      • Head, North America Advertising and Promotion
      • Mylan, United States
    There is an increasing need for consistency and alignment of marketing messages across regions as companies expand internationally and introduce their products into more markets. Global pharmaceutical companies are realizing the importance of establishing a clear and efficient process for the review of global messaging and draft materials by a multidisciplinary Global Promotional Review Committee prior to their distribution to local countries or Affiliates. The first part of this session will provide considerations and best practices for the global promotional review process. The second part will provide insights into how to navigate Canada’s drug advertising process.
    Learning Objective : At the conclusion of this session, participants should be able to:
    • Describe various approaches to a global promotional review process
    • Explain Canada’s drug advertising process and how it may impact a global promotion review process
    • Identify best practices for the global promotional review process
      John K. Wong, MPharm


      John K. Wong, MPharm

      • Executive Director, Regulatory Drug Advertising and Promotion
      • TPI Reg, Canada
      Lisa  Schatz, PharmD, MBA


      Lisa Schatz, PharmD, MBA

      • Director, International Regulatory Affairs Advertising and Promotion
      • Abbvie, United States

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