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Accelerating Access to Innovative Products – Improving Responses to Pandemic Diseases

Day2: Session 3-A: Enablers for Successful Management of Health Products During Pandemics

Session Chair(s)

Thean Soo  Lo

Thean Soo Lo

  • Regulatory Affairs Management Consultant, Singapore


Samvel  Azatyan, MD, PhD

D2: S3-A: 1.1: Good Reliance Practices as Key to Regulatory Efficiency

Samvel Azatyan, MD, PhD

  • Team Lead, Regulatory Convergence and Networks (RCN/REG)
  • World Health Organization (WHO), Switzerland
Jorge  Villacian

D2: S3-A: 1.2: Emerging Role of Precision Medicines in Pandemics

Jorge Villacian

  • Chief Medical Officer
  • J & J, Singapore
Isabelle  Grau

D2: S3-A: 1.3: Using Real World Evidence to Complement Early Access to Pandemic Health Products

Isabelle Grau

  • Director of Operations, Real World Evidence Asia Pacific
  • ICON, Singapore

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