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14th DIA Japan Annual Meeting 2017

[V2-S1] The Methodology of Health Technology Assessment (HTA) in Japanese

    Session Chair(s)
      Kuniko  Shoji

      Kuniko Shoji

      • Director and Corporate Advisor
      • Terumo Corporation, Japan
    As innovative and expensive pharmaceuticals and medical devices are increasingly used in clinical practice, Health Technology Assessment (HTA) is attracting serious attention as a policy making tool to enable sustainability of universal access. The HTA, which has been implemented on a trial basis since 2016, is actively discussing how the system should be designed in readiness for a full-scale implementation. At the Japan Annual Meeting in 2017, we will give an overview of insurance reimbursement, drug pricing system, etc. of both foreign countries and Japan, and will conduct a free and open panel discussion from various viewpoints concerning cost-effectiveness assessment in Japan. In this way, we plan to discuss the methodology of a comprehensive evaluation of HTA in Japanese and the value of life for Japanese people (ICER threshold).
      Ataru  Igarashi, PhD

      Introduction of Insurance Reimbursement, Drug Pricing System of Both Foreign Countries and Japan

      Ataru Igarashi, PhD

      • Associate Professor, Department of Drug Policy and Management
      • Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, The University of Tokyo, Japan
      Makoto  Kobayashi, PhD

      Current Status of Cost-Effectiveness Assessment in Japan

      Makoto Kobayashi, PhD

      • Director and Chief Operating Officer
      • CRECON Medical Assessment Inc., Japan
      Takeo  Nakayama, MD, PhD

      Takeo Nakayama, MD, PhD

      • Professor, Graduate School of Medicine and Faculty of Medicine
      • Kyoto University, Japan
      Rei  Goto, MD, PhD

      Rei Goto, MD, PhD

      • Associate Professor, Graduate School of Business Administration
      • Keio University, Japan
      Harumichi  Okamura

      Harumichi Okamura

      • Corporate Officer, Head of Market Access & Public Affairs
      • Novartis Pharma K.K., Japan

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