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Global Animal Health Conference: Developing Global Animal Health Products to Support Food Security and Sustainability

Session 1: Explaining the Challenge: How Animal Health Products Can Promote Food Security, Food Sustainability and the” Pro-Poor” Agenda

Session Chair(s)

Richard  Coulter, DVM

Richard Coulter, DVM

  • Senior Vice President
  • Phibro Animal Health, United States
Following the Keynote presentation, Session 1 will set the stage for the remainder of the conference by outlining the animal health industry challenges and opportunities in relation to the development of quality veterinary medicinal products that promote food security and food sustainability. Speakers will provide insights from the perspectives of intergovernmental organizations, regulatory agencies, manufacturing, and consumer advocacy organizations and outline what is needed to create an environment for a global approach to product development, authorization, and availability to end users. The presentations will highlight the challenges that the industry and regulatory officials face and the advantages of stakeholders in developed and less developed markets working together to promote standards for global product development.


Henk Jan  Ormel, DVM

Regulation on Food and How It Ties in to Animal Health Products

Henk Jan Ormel, DVM

  • Special Advisor to the FAO Chief Veterinary Officer, Animal Health Service
  • Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Italy
Ellen  De Brabander, PhD

Challenges of Bringing Product to Market

Ellen De Brabander, PhD

  • Chief Scientific Officer and Global Head of R&D
  • Merial Limited, Georgia
Caroline  Smith DeWaal, JD

Consumer Views: Animal Health and Food Sustainability

Caroline Smith DeWaal, JD

  • Food Safety Director
  • Center for Science in the Public Interest, United States