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Global Animal Health Conference: Developing Global Animal Health Products to Support Food Security and Sustainability

Breakout Session 5C: Strategy Discussion Group (Training Needs)

Session Chair(s)

Michael  McGowan, PhD

Michael McGowan, PhD

  • IFAH | Acting Executive Director
  • Zoetis | Director, Global Policy, United States
One of the key elements of establishing a competent regulatory system for the national regulation of animal drugs is providing training to government regulators on how to establish and implement the various aspects of an appropriate animal drug regulatory system. Such a system ensures both animal and public health protection, minimizes economic fraud and ensures food security for the nation. The Strategic Training breakout session will provide a forum for discussion of the elements of the training necessary to establish and implement a competent regulatory system, explore challenges for countries at various levels of regulatory system development, and develop systems for delivering this critical training to the appropriate government regulators.


Patrick K. Krieger


Patrick K. Krieger

  • Manager, Regulatory Affairs; Veterinary Biologics Section
  • Animal Health Institute (AHI), United States