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Core Values

In furthering the Association’s mission, DIA staff, directors, members, and volunteers operate according to the following core values:

Passion. DIA is committed to providing an unbiased forum that promotes knowledge exchange to advance skills, careers, and innovation in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical device, and related fields. DIA’s volunteer leaders contribute significantly to the value of DIA’s services and programs. Volunteers should be committed to DIA’s core values, mission, and membership community and encourage others to become involved in DIA throughout their professional lives.

Integrity. DIA staff, directors, members, and volunteers must maintain the highest levels of integrity and honesty by:

  • being professional and ethical at all times;
  • dealing fairly with members, suppliers, collaborators, and staff; and
  • serving honestly, openly, and transparently.

DIA staff and directors know it is a privilege to serve DIA’s community and thus will not breach their fiduciary responsibilities in a way that might result in any actual or perceived personal benefit.

Accountability and Trust. DIA’s work is built on human relationships with our staff, directors, members, and volunteers. We are committed to keeping those relationships strong by:

  • communicating openly about our business practices;
  • being transparent about our performance;
  • remaining accountable for our conduct;
  • managing the association responsibly to maintain the confidence, respect, and trust of our staff, directors, members, volunteers, and other audiences; and
  • being reliable, dependable, and accountable for our actions.

Treating People with Respect and Dignity. DIA staff, directors, members, and volunteers treat people with respect and dignity. We deal with each other as colleagues. We respect each other enough to tell the truth. We listen to each other even when we disagree. We demonstrate fairness, consistency, and compassion toward others. Our values reflect respect for our differences and understanding of the needs of others.

Diversity. We value diversity in our membership and our workforce. Our aim is to provide a consistent global standard of protection from threats, harassment, and discrimination based on race, national origin, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, disability, or other characteristics that have no bearing on the outcome of our work. We seek to build a diverse workforce that reflects the skills we need for success. By incorporating a commitment to diversity, we aim to deliver a higher quality of service to our members.

Neutrality. DIA offers an unbiased platform for discussion. Preserving DIA’s neutrality is essential to the success and continued existence of the organization. Our members join DIA to exchange and disseminate information relevant to their professional education and advancement. DIA does not lobby or take a partisan stance on any issue. DIA attempts to balance the agenda so that audiences receive a fair representation of all relevant aspects of issues. DIA does not attempt to manipulate audience responses in any way.

Social Responsibility. DIA has a strong commitment to the improvement of society through the exchange of information and ideas that lead to greater access to and effective use of medical products and the related economic implications. We encourage the support of charitable, civic, educational, and cultural causes through our Philanthropy Program. We also urge our staff to participate in public service activities that are consistent with our charitable purpose.

Revised: September 2019

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