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This short course will provide an overview of analyzing common sources of healthcare real world data (RWD) to develop real world evidence (RWE). The intended audience for this short course includes data science professionals from biopharmaceuticals, consulting companies, academia, government, or policy groups who may work with functions such as RWE, health economics and outcomes research, pharmacoepidemiology, clinical development, medical affairs, or commercial analytics. This course will discuss the regulatory framework related to RWD and RWE, describe common sources and types of RWD available to biopharmaceutical companies through licensing agreements (eg, deidentified medical claims) in the US and elsewhere, and review common use cases for RWD within biopharmaceutical companies, including case studies involving analyses of RWD. This course will also discuss common challenges and opportunities when analyzing RWD.

Learning objectives

At the conclusion of this session, participants should be able to:
  • Examine regulatory framework for RWE and RWD in the US
  • Identify common types of RWD available through licensing agreements in the US
  • Describe common use cases for RWD in biopharmaceutical companies in the US
  • Synthesize case studies involving analyses of RWD
  • Evaluate challenges and opportunities for data science to facilitate the analysis of RWD

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