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This workshop will be conducted in Japanese Language only.

Online Registration has been closed. Onsite Registration will be available at Nihonbashi Life Science Building.

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Program Committee

  • Asami  Ezaki, MS
    Asami Ezaki, MS Division of Strategic Planning and Evaluation & Office of Drug Discovery Support
    Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development, Japan
  • Yasuhiro  Honsho
    Yasuhiro Honsho
    Daiichi Sankyo Company, Limited, Japan
  • Yuji  Ito
    Yuji Ito Prescribing Information Group, RA Functions Dept., Regulatory Affairs Japan
    Novartis Pharma K.K., Japan
  • Kana  Maruyama
    Kana Maruyama Manager, Labeling Group, Regulatory Compliance Department, RA Division
    Janssen Pharmaceutical K.K., Japan
  • Ken  Nakajima, RPh
    Ken Nakajima, RPh Quality Assurance Division Safety Management Department
    Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory, Inc, Japan
  • Yuji  Ohne
    Yuji Ohne Pharmacutical Officer, PMS management supervisor, Head of Pharmacovigilance Dept
    SymBio Pharmaceuticals Limited, Japan
  • Keinosuke  Okazaki
    Keinosuke Okazaki Section Chief of Drug Information, Department of Pharmacy Service
    Showa University Hospital, Japan
  • Mikiko  Shitara
    Mikiko Shitara Manager, RA Management Department
    GlaxoSmithKline K.K., Japan
  • Rie  Matsui, RPh
    Rie Matsui, RPh Senior Director, Regional Labeling Head for APAC
    Pfizer, Japan
  • Akiyoshi  Uchiyama
    Akiyoshi Uchiyama President
    Artage Inc., Japan
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