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T-07: An Analysis of Medical Call Center Response Among Consumer Healthcare Companies in the United States

Poster Presenter

      Vineeth Nair Nair

      • GMI Content Manager
      • Sanofi
        United States


To compare the responses to product inquiries among seven Consumer Healthcare call centers companies in the United States, calculate escalation thresholds of each of the call centers, and compare the calculated escalation thresholds across the seven companies.


7 pharmacists representing consumers will call 7 companies' call centers using a question-answer template. They will ask the assigned questions and record the responses. Escalation thresholds for each center will be calculated using a created standardized scale and compared across the 7 companies.


The data that will be collected and compared will be a combination of binomial, categorical, and continuous variables including but not limited to: education level of the call center agent, adverse events, product quality complaints, medical data request, off-label questions, on-label questions, disease state questions, and dietary restriction-related questions. Each individual characteristic of responses to inquiries will be compared among each of the 7 companies’ call center responses. The resulting data will be recorded and analyzed to detect the significance of differences between the 7 call centers for each characteristic assessed, their response characteristics, and their calculated escalation thresholds. The resulting data will be both graphically and descriptively analyzed and portrayed. The results of this study will either refute or justify the null hypothesis of there being no variation among characteristics of responses from consumer healthcare pharmaceutical companies.


The conclusion that will be drawn from this study’s results will entail the differences in individual characteristics of call center responses, as well as the overall variation of a calculated composite escalation threshold. The results of this study will potentially identify gaps in practices among call centers at different companies as well as identify gaps for future research in consumer healthcare call center responses.

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