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Track 12: Value and Access

DIA 2017: Driving Insights to Action

The healthcare landscape is evolving into one assessed on value, and there is a need to understand the impact of this movement on all stakeholders: providers, payers, biopharma, and patients. Value and access to medicines are complex issues that require analysis from health economic and philosophical perspectives. The Value and Access track will bring together global regulators, industry leaders, academics, patients, and payers who will facilitate discussions and address questions such as:

  • What information and evidence are being used to define value?
  • What are the ethical considerations when determining access to medical products?
  • Do strategies that increase diversity and inclusion in clinical trial research improve access to medicines? Who is making or influencing access decisions?
  • How can real-world data be leveraged to drive access to medicines?
  • What are the regulatory and legal considerations

DIA recommends this track and associated sessions to payers, bioethicists, health economics outcomes researchers, health economists, statisticians, data modelers, clinical researchers, post-marketing professionals, and regulatory affairs professionals.

Included Topic Areas

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Comparative effectiveness research, diversity, equity, and inclusion, ethical considerations in clinical research, health technology assessment, real-world outcomes, value-based healthcare; drug pricing, reimbursement and access, commercialization, product lifecycle considerations. Topics related to bioethical issues are also welcome and may be considered for a special track in the meeting.

  • Paying for What Works: Value-Based Contracting (VBC) Between Payers, Manufacturers, and Providers—Where Do We Go from Here?
  • Planning Studies to Meet Both Regulator and Payer Needs
  • Pricing and Access Determinations: When and How to Engage Stakeholders (patients, payers, HCPs, etc.) During Drug Development Process and During Formulary Decisions?
  • Supporting Access to Treatments in Developing Countries
  • Using Real-World Evidence for Real-World Payment

Sessions in Value and Access

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