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W-24: Where High Touch Meets High Tech: Reimagining Innovation In Clinical Trials

Poster Presenter

      Abbe Steel

      • Chief Growth Officer
      • CorEvitas, LLC
        United States


To share approaches to understand the patient perspective as patients utilize more technology within clinical trials.


A variety of methods will be shared including: Advisory Boards Focus groups In-depth one-on-one interviews Online bulletin boards Mock trial simulations Patient Opinion Leader (POL) Panels Ethnographic Research Quantitative surveys


Through the various research methods sponsors will be better able to understand: Whether to use a mobile app or patient portal The value of an econsent The platform that would work best for the population including a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop If patients are open to wearable devices like FitBits, Apple Watch, biopatches How patients feel about the use of telemedicine If patients are likely to use a bluetooth scale, sleep monitors


Understanding how to balance patient needs with cutting edge technology will help sponsors think about disruptive innovation through a different lens and lead to better outcomes through studies that are enhanced by technology rather than overwhelmed by it.