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T-02: Assessing the Value of a Comprehensive, Global Web-Based Pharmacovigilance Educational Platform

Poster Presenter

      Krystle Pianka

      • Director
      • Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
        United States


To assess the value of a comprehensive, global web-based pharmacovigilance (PV) educational platform called ‘PV Academy’, to over 300 users across 22 countries, with a focus on global and regional information, eLearning modules (eModules), newsletters, and current events.


As of Feb 2017, login entries were tracked monthly. Web analytics identified key areas of interest, based on the monthly hits per page. Feedback collected during training and three independent surveys measured user satisfaction and perceived benefits, along with identified areas for improvement.


Since Aug 2016, all eModules contained links to a longitudinal user satisfaction survey. Cumulatively, 9 survey responses were received (response rate: 2.9%) for 9 eModules (2 product; 3 therapeutic area; 4 PV-related processes) out of a total of 31 eModules. All respondents found the eModules relevant to their roles (3 good; 6 excellent), easy to understand (2 good; 7 excellent), and useful in enhancing their PV knowledge (3 good; 6 excellent). In Apr 2017, a cross-sectional survey was distributed to 115 local safety managers on topics related to training, and included targeted questions about PV Academy. The participation rate was 25.2% (29), of which 11 respondents (38%) were either satisfied or very satisfied with the educational modules. A total of 16/29 respondents (55%) considered PV Academy to be an effective training tool, whereas 13 out of 18 (72%) respondents noted that supplementary educational trainings were most helpful to their PV role. From Sep 2017 to Dec 2017, an average of 2093 (+198) hits per month were recorded. A monthly trending report, showing the number and percentage of unique valid logins per month, demonstrated a steady state usage of at least 72% (average of 292+8 hits) within 6 months post launch. Key areas of interest included Global Conferences (389, 18.6%) and eModules (304, 14.6%). The most visited eModules were product-specific or guidance practices. In Nov 2017, a total of 33/301 (11%) users provided feedback via a cross-sectional survey regarding their suggestions for future themes, topics, and sections of the bi-monthly newsletter, which is a publication focusing on Global PV (GPV) functions and relevant news and updates. Apart from the main Spotlight section, respondents found the Latest News (55%), Recent and Upcoming Events (45%), and Humor Me (33%) sections the most interesting. The most suggested topics for future themes were “news about other colleagues” and “more information on PV-related processes”.


This PV Academy initiative stemmed from a PV commitment to globalize the PV function as well as to create a globally harmonized training platform for all of GPV. Since the launch of PV Academy in Feb 2017, our analysis of user data has shown a positive and growing utilization of the content on PV Academy over time. This provides evidence that the web-based, global PV Academy site adds immense value to our GPV organization. The majority of users are accessing the site one to two times per month, with 15 users (5%) deemed as “super users”. The most visited features of the site, excluding the home page, were ‘eLearning Modules’ and ‘Global Conferences’. The most interesting eModules to users were PV-related process modules, confirming assumptions that product or therapeutic area-related content may be less useful for PV users who are knowledgeable about their therapeutic areas. The survey outcomes, even with the low response rates, suggest that by using website analytics, one can quickly and effectively identify areas of interest for global users. Implementing a web-based PV educational platform, followed by an assessment of user utilization, as well as their stated interest, enabled the enhancement of those key features and content perceived as most useful for users. PV Academy has evolved to include supplementary training, additional PV-related resources, and the development of skills related to the best practices in PV. These assist new and established staff to continue developing their knowledge and expertise related to PV in a global setting, and this helps GPV to ensure sustained compliance with governing regulations, policies, and procedures for GPV.