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T-05: Aggregate Reports: Quality Control, Feedback and Continuous Improvement

Poster Presenter

      Beth Stockstill

      • Associate Director
      • IQVIA
        United States


Implementing and maintaining a high standard of quality in the Aggregate Reporting process is essential. This review will describe a robust framework for Quality Control (QC) checks, analysis of results and regular feedback to the authors and stakeholders


A robust framework is described in the review including a Quality database which houses purpose-built customised Quality checklists designed specifically to address the different types of reports (PBRERs, DSURs, PADERs, ACOs, RMPs).


Checkpoints are set-up at specific points in time and stages of the review in order to capture quality findings. The QC reviewers enter their findings directly into the database according to the report-specific checklists. The findings are categorised in 3 pre-defined categories: Significant, moderately significant and less significant (typos, formatting etc.). Monthly analysis is performed on the in-line quality data and feedback provided to the authors. Visualisations representing the QC review results are produced via a business analytics tool and trend analysis is performed on the most common errors for each category and root-cause analysis performed. On a quarterly basis the feedback is compiled into a refresher training session where key learning points and areas for improvement are highlighted. This review describes the process end to end.


A robust framework for quality review of aggregate reports, trend analysis and meaningful feedback is essential for maintaining a high quality end product.