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Pre-Marketing Clinical Trial Safety

Review the framework and details around drug safety requirements for clinical trials for drugs in humans.


The Pre-Marketing Clinical Trial Safety eLearning module provides a framework and details around drug safety requirements for clinical trials for drugs in humans. It includes information about safety and ethical safeguards to protect human subjects in clinical trials including informed consent, institutional review boards and independent ethics committees, and data safety monitoring boards. Individual case reporting and aggregate reporting requirements are examined in detail. A case study with exercise questions provides real-world context and enables the learner to see how the concepts presented in the module apply in real life. Finally, the module will discuss risk assessment and the pre-marketing review of safety data in a marketing application.

The module takes an average of 4 hours to complete.

This eLearning module can be purchased individually or as part of the Drug Safety eLearning Program (6 modules) or Drug Safety eLearning Bundle (7 modules).

"Excellent module! Well organized and explained. I loved the interactive elements in the module to entertain and reinforce learning!" 

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    • Informed consent
    • Institutional review boards and ethics committees
    • Data and safety monitoring boards
    • Individual case reporting
    • Aggregate reporting
    • Clinical trial safety case study activity
    • Risk assessment
    • Pre-marketing review of safety data in a marketing application


  • This module is designed for professionals involved in:

    • Drug safety and pharmacovigilance
    • Clinical research and development
    • Quality assurance and compliance
    • Regulatory affairs
    • Medical affairs
    • Marketing


      • Upon completion of this module, learners should be able to:

        • Identify the purpose and elements of informed consent in clinical trials
        • Determine the roles of institutional review boards, ethics committees, and data and safety monitoring boards in clinical trials
        • Recognize pre-marketing individual case reporting, aggregate reporting requirements, and review of safety data in marketing application
        • Define risk assessment in clinical trials