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2018年11月11日 (日) 午前 9:30 - 2018年11月13日 (火) 午後 5:40

〒135-0063, 東京都江東区有明3-11-1



[V6-S3] Patient Empowerment: Status Update of Patient Participation Support Program

Session Chair(s)

Eri  Sekine

Eri Sekine

Executive Vice President

CMIC Group, Japan

In recent years, awareness and interest in Patient Centricity have increased, and even in Japan, patients are included as a member in meetings or committees in government and medical institutions. In order to promote patients/citizens participation, efforts to provide necessary knowledge and skills for participation are very important. Various attempts at education of patients/citizens by industry, health authority and academia have been conducted both in Japan and oversees. Knowing such cases and objectives and thinking about what we should do is needed. In this session, we will introduce the efforts of European Patient Forum, the efforts of the Japan Intestinal Disease and Sickness Group Association that created guidance for patients’ participation in clinical trials, and the efforts to promote patient participation by AMED, and discuss the achievement, tasks and others.


Paul  Robinson, MD

Patient Engagement A European Perspective

Paul Robinson, MD

MSD, United Kingdom

EU Patient Engagement Lead

Yukiko  Mori

Regarding Rare and Intractable Diseases (NANBYO) Preparation of Guidelines for Research Cooperation and Collaboration Challenges of Research Participation from the Patient’s Perspective

Yukiko Mori

Japan Patients Association, Japan


Keiko  Katsui, PhD

Patient and Public Involvement in AMED: for the Future of Medical Research and Development

Keiko Katsui, PhD

Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED), Japan

Group of Social Co-Creation