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東京ビッグサイト | 有明

2018年11月11日 (日) 午前 9:30 - 2018年11月13日 (火) 午後 5:40

〒135-0063, 東京都江東区有明3-11-1



[V2-S1] Changes Required for Risk Minimization Materials

Session Chair(s)

Mamoru  Narukawa, PhD, RPh

Mamoru Narukawa, PhD, RPh

Professor,Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Kitasato University, Japan

It has been 5 years since the RMP was implemented in Japan. The risk minimization measure, which is vital in considering the RMP as well as the Benefit Risk balance, is becoming more important. With regard to materials for healthcare professionals and for patients which have been part of the risk minimization measure in Japan, this session will discuss the direction of changes required in the future, based on current issues.


Kazuhiko  Ishida, MSc, RPh

Points to Consider for Implementation of Risk Minimization Materials

Kazuhiko Ishida, MSc, RPh

Astellas Pharma Inc., Japan

Director, Pharmacovigilance

Masahiro  Hayashi, PhD

Recognition and Expectation of Hospital Pharmacists on Risk Minimization Materials

Masahiro Hayashi, PhD

Toranomon Hospital, Japan

Pharmaceutical affairs specialist, Department of Pharmacy

Asami  Ezaki, MS

Current Status and Future of Information Providing Materials for Risk Minimization

Asami Ezaki, MS

Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development, Japan

Division of Strategic Planning and Evaluation & Office of Drug Discovery Support