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This workshop will be conducted in Japanese.

Click here to view the Flyer in Japanese.

Program Committee

  • Keita  Asato, MBA, PMP
    Keita Asato, MBA, PMP
    Amgen K.K., Japan
  • Shino  Fujimoto
    Shino Fujimoto Manager, Clinical Development Organization
    Eli Lilly Japan K.K., Japan
  • Kazuhiro  Kanmuri, PhD
    Kazuhiro Kanmuri, PhD Vice President, Product Development and Clinical Operations
    Ascent Development Services Inc, Japan
  • Mitsuo  Ishikawa, MPharm
    Mitsuo Ishikawa, MPharm Home Healthcare New Business Planning Department
    Teijin Pharma Limited, Japan
  • Takashi  Moriya, PhD, MBA
    Takashi Moriya, PhD, MBA Product Owner (Senior Manager) - Healthcare
    Woven Alpha, Inc. (Woven Planet Holdings, Inc. group company), Japan
  • Kotone  Matsuyama, RPh
    Kotone Matsuyama, RPh Professor, Department of Health Policy and Management
    Nippon Medical School, Japan
  • Makoto  Nagaoka, PhD
    Makoto Nagaoka, PhD Head of Regulatory Affairs, Japan
    BeiGene Japan, Japan
  • Goshi  Ozawa, MS
    Goshi Ozawa, MS CEO & President
    Real Discovery Outdoors Co,. Ltd., Japan
  • Toshihiko  Sugiura
    Toshihiko Sugiura Manager, Clinical Development Dept.
    EA Pharma Co., Ltd., Japan
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