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About DIA 2024 | June 16-20

60th Anniversary of the DIA Global Annual Meeting

DIA 2024

For the 60th Anniversary, DIA has served as a navigational beacon, by providing a neutral and transparent global forum for the exchange of ideas to further scientific and medical innovations. Fueled by the alliance of thousands of attendees, the DIA 2024 Global Annual Meeting (DIA 2024) will hoist the anchor and steer towards solutions to global and local challenges in the life sciences community by bringing together stakeholders in industry, regulators, academics, and patients.

Charting New Horizons: DIA 2024

Redefining Healthcare through Innovation and Collaboration

Prepare to embark on a transformative voyage as DIA 2024 charts new horizons in healthcare, propelled by visionary strategies and impactful collaborations among patients, regulators, researchers, and esteemed industry professionals. This global multidisciplinary assembly will converge, illuminate diverse perspectives, and harness collective experiences, with a shared goal of tackling the most critical challenges. Together, we aim to reimagine current processes, steering towards a future where health and well-being are enhanced for individuals across the globe.

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Opening Plenary: Revolutionizing Life Sciences—How Diversity, Innovation, and Artificial Intelligence are Accelerating the Future of Health


The Future of Regulatory Submissions: Opportunities and Challenges


Accelerated Approval in Rare Diseases: The Role of Novel Biomarker, Surrogate Endpoints, and Other Innovative Approaches in Expediting Development


Artificial Intelligence: Delivering on the Promise


Modernizing Clinical Trials: A Regulatory Perspective


Full Exposure: Artificial Intelligence to Advance, Replace, and Add Efficiency for Patient Benefit

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