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Artificial Intelligence, Data Science & RWE

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) continue to propose vast opportunities in the Healthcare sector, bringing benefits to healthcare providers, patients and society. This session track will specifically focus on the development, approval and use of AI products within the medical device and pharmaceutical spaces, in addition to the related area of data science.

We will take a look at AI/ML use cases in the development of medicines, hear from regulators as to their progress in advancing thinking around AI in medicines, and look at current EU policies and regulation on AI in medicines compared with AI regulations for medical devices. We will also aim to discuss the important area of ethical considerations for AI and the patient perspective, and look for successful examples of how organisations may have addressed the challenge of bridging between the explorative data science vs. the traditional development space for clinical operations, statistics and epidemiological sciences.

Who is This Track Designed For?

This track is designed for anyone in, passionate about, curious on or working with Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in healthcare and medicines development.

Topic Leaders

Julie OBrien

Julie O'Brien

Senior Director, International Regulatory Science and Policy

Pfizer, Ireland

Álmath Máire Spooner

Almath Spooner

Director Global Regulatory Policy and Intelligence

AbbVie, Ireland

DIA Europe 2023 Highlights

It will provide updates on key developments on the GCP Renovation (ICH E6, ICH E8), Clinical Trial Regulation, the Clinical Trial Information System, data submission, transparency, navigating ethical approval, study design in the digital age, innovative clinical trial designs (umbrella and platform trials, patient centricity), digital tools in development and other hot topics. It should be a must-attend for optimising development programmes and identifying cost savings through efficiency and innovation.

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