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Recommended Shipping Agency

APT Showfreight Shanghai Co., Ltd Beijing Branch

Address: Room 905, Block B, Zhucheng Mansion,No.6A Zhongguancun South Street,Haidian District,Beijing 100086, PR China

Ms. July LIU
Tel: +86 10 5158 1473 Ext. 105
Mobile: +86 15011580204

Please refer to the “Shipping Manual & Tariff” in the Exhibitor Manual.

When shipping exhibition materials to the convention center (on the morning of May 21) please make sure to indicate the name of the staff member from the exhibiting company on your package. The working staff from your exhibiting company must be on site at the convention center to receive the package. Neither the Convention Center or DIA are responsible for any exhibition items being received from exhibitors.

* Note: exhibitors are responsible for contacting a shipping agency to make their own arrangements. The organizer provides the above contact information as a reference only, and exhibitors may choose this or any other shipping agency. All arrangements and expenses are to be handled by the exhibitor directly.