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Eurasia Business Travel, founded in 2003, is a technology-driven, high-quality service as the core, and customer value oriented internationalized Chinese TMC. It is the only travel management company in China that has been certified by world business travel organizations, such as GBTA and ACTE.  Focusing on providing professional corporate travel management to customer since the founding, DTG business travel now has customers all over the country, including many Fortune 500 companies and China's top 500 companies.

Eurasia Business Travel is a designated supplier for government air ticket procurement. We strictly follow the official travel management policies on fund management, domestic business travel, and international official business activities. Our service is honest, transparent, open and accurately documented.

Eurasia Business Travel has been committed to the establishment of overseas business network since 2010. At present, DTG has over 200 overseas business travel partners, covering more than 90 countries in the world. In 2018, the sales volume of global business partners reached 5.2 billion euros.