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Program Committee

  • Thomas W. Abrams, MBA
    Thomas W. Abrams, MBA Director, Office of Prescription Drug Promotion, OMP, CDER
    FDA, United States
  • Glenn N. Byrd, MBA, RAC
    Glenn N. Byrd, MBA, RAC Senior Director, Specialty Care Promotional Regulatory Affairs
    AstraZeneca, United States
  • Mark  Gaydos
    Mark Gaydos VP, NA General Medicines & Established Products US Adv & Promo, Global Reg Aff
    Sanofi, United States
  • John T. Murray
    John T. Murray President
    Grayscale Compliance LLC, United States
  • Michele  Hardy
    Michele Hardy Vice President, Regulatory Advertising and Promotion Policy
    GlaxoSmithKline, United States
  • Wayne L. Pines
    Wayne L. Pines President, Regulatory Services and Healthcare
    APCO Worldwide Inc., United States
  • Lucy  Rose, MBA
    Lucy Rose, MBA President
    Lucy Rose and Associates, LLC, United States
  • Kristina  Vlaovic, MPH
    Kristina Vlaovic, MPH Vice President, Regulatory, Safety and Pharmacovigilance
    HALOZYME Inc., United States
  • Dale  Cooke, MA
    Dale Cooke, MA President
    PhillyCooke Consulting , United States
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